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    Kaohsiung City Government Seeks Private Participation in the “Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project For Aozihdi Parking Area 30, Kaohsiung City”. Interested Parties Are Welcome to Submit Proposals Print
      Update Time:2017-11-15 14:17

    To improve the quality and quantity of parking spaces in Aozihdi area and to optimize the use of public land, Kaohsiung City Government announces the “BOT Project of Parking Lot in Aozihdi Parking Area 30, Kaohsiung City.” The announcement is in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, where land is provided by the government and development proposal is planned by private institutions based on their resources and professional experience.  

              The announcement takes effect for 45 days from October 16, 2017 to November 29, 2017. For related documents, refer to the website of Promotion of Private Participation, Ministry of Finance (, the Kaohsiung City Government website (, Transportation Bureau website (, and Government Procurement Gazette. Interested parties are welcome to submit proposals.