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    Kaohsiung YouBike E Upgrade: An Effortless and Convenient Way to Travel Print
      Update Time:2023-01-11 15:14

    The Transportation Bureau announced the Kaohsiung YouBike 2.0 Upgrade Program to commemorate the two-year anniversary of Kaohsiung YouBike 2.0 operations, raising the stakes to input 500 YouBike 2.0 e-bikes and 540 YouBike 2.0 bikes. The first batch of 150 YouBike 2.0E e-bikes began its operations today (16th) at 12:00 noon to provide the general public with more convenient and higher quality public bike services.
    Kaohsiung YouBike 2.0 has amassed a total of 23 million riders. On the 16th, the "Kaohsiung E Ride GO Upgrade Kaohsiung No. 1" Kaohsiung YouBike 2.0E e-bikes Inauguration Press Conference was held at the plaza in front of the Kaohsiung City Government Siwei Administration Center. Vice Mayor Lin Chin-jung, YouBike Chairperson Liu Li-Chu, people's representatives and bus companies in Kaohsiung City jointly announced the start of online services for the YouBike 2.0E e-bikes.
    Vice Mayor Lin Chin-Jung stated that the YouBike2.0 E e-bike provides riders with a more labor-saving experience via auxiliary power, particularly for seniors or tourists, allowing them to move more confidently or enjoy a sightseeing tour around the city. Furthermore, it shares the parking poles with the existing Kaohsiung YouBike 2.0 for easy borrowing and return. It has an 80km range when fully charged. The smart bodywork also has a remaining power reminder feature. YouBike 2.0 rental stations will be set up along the MRT lines in the future and are currently under construction to ensure a more interconnected and comprehensive public transportation network.
    According to Chang Shu-Chuan, Kaohsiung's YouBIke2.0 has a satisfaction rate of 97.3%, with over 1.14 million users each month. By November, the city government and the YouBike team will have built a total of 1,200 rental stations in major traffic nodes, schools and trading areas in Kaohsiung City to promote the city's public bike system. In addition, 1,040 YouBike units have been included in this upgrade program, bringing the total number of public bikes in the city to 10,000.
    YouBike 2.0, according to the Transportation Bureau, provides a more labor-saving riding experience. The fees are NT$20 per 30 minutes for the first two hours and NT$40 per 30 minutes after that. To encourage residents to use 2.0E, the city government will pay NT$10 for the first 30 minutes of use, while residents will only be required to pay NT$10. 
    YouBike has launched a number of activities to encourage the general public to ride and experience the YouBike 2.0E e-bikes. Riders will have the opportunity to win the iPass YouBike2.0E Commemorative Card, Family Mart credits and enter a drawing for an iPhone 14 and other fantastic prizes.
    In addition to being eligible for the offer for two-way public transportation transfers using iPass on city public bikes, use the MeNGo Pass or rent YouBike2.0E by scanning the YouBike 2.0 app scan code every Friday until the end of 2022 to enjoy the first 30 minutes free. Residents of Kaohsiung City are encouraged to use the city's public bike system as much as possible in order to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and love the earth.

    Kaohsiung YouBike2.0 Website:
    App: YouBike 2.0
    Customer Service: 0800-372-618 or 07-2626288


    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government