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    2017 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival (KSAF) - Tragedy Print
      Update Time:2017-03-10 15:43

    18 naked dancers, repetitive mechanical movements, and an explosive, liberating performance

    Olivier Dubois, voted as one of the top 25 choreographers in the world by Dance Europe magazine in 2011, is an individual who strives to expand his horizons, has received numerous invitations from the Festival Off d'Avignon to showcase his creations, and won the European Garden Award in Vienna (for his work "Faun"). "Tragedy" is highly philosophical and echoes Friedrich Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy, in which primitiveness and the body are respectively matched with civilization and spirit to uncover the stories locked in people's hearts and evoke instinctive human sentiments.

    About 90 min. without intermission