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    Number of Kaohsiung City Main Line Bus Routes Increase to 20, Extending Services to Zihguan, Nanzih, Cijin, Siaogang, and Linyuan Districts Print
      Update Time:2019-09-27 08:26

     To provide citizens with fast, convenient, and smooth bus service, the number of Kaohsiung City Main Line bus routes have been increased to 20, extending services to Zihguan, Nanzih, Cijin, Siaogang, and Linyuan Districts. Buses will run every 10 to 15 minutes during peak hours on weekdays.
    The Director-general of the Transportation Bureau, Cheng Yung-Hsiang, stated that direct MRT shuttle buses (Main Line Buses) are planned along areas with high demand to meet citizens’ traveling needs. There were originally 17 Main Line Buses running in downtown Kaohsiung, and starting from September 1, 2019, the services are expended to Zihguan, Nanzih, Cijin, Siaogang, and Linyuan Districts so as to connect rural areas with downtown districts and provide citizens with a more convenient bus service.
    The Main Line Bus route network is comprised of nine north-south routes, namely Jhonghua (205), Zihyou (92), Minzu (90), Fongcing (O12), Linyuan (R3), Cijin (R9), Zihguan (R53), Siaogang (69), and Changfu (77); seven east-west routes, namely Sanduo (70), Wufu (50), Jianguo (88), Jyuemin (60), Mingcheng (R33), Sinchang (217), and Baihuo (100); two circular routes, namely East Main Line (Westbound and Eastbound); and two MRT Yellow Line Pilot Buses, namely Y1 and Y2.
    The Transportation Bureau stated that fare discount programs of “free rides from the third ride onward in one day,” “free bus-to-bus transfer in 2 hours,” and “ceiling fare of NT$60 for intercity buses” are still ongoing. In view of the coming back-to-school season in September, MeN▶Go offers a first-ever flexible “student 7-day ticket” plan. Those with MeN▶Go student cards or digital student ID cards can have unlimited MRT, bus, and LRT rides in Kaohsiung area for seven days at a bargain price of NT$333. It is hoped that more students will be attracted to use the transportation service, MeN▶Go. In addition, MeN▶Go has launched “Electric Scooter-sharing” system in the hope to satisfy citizens’ first and last-mile connection demand through diverse mobility.
    The Transportation Bureau pointed out that the campaign “Take a Bus to Support Charity for a Chance to Win Grand Prizes including a Pair of Round Trip Tigerair Tickets to Universal Studios Japan” starts from now on to December 1. As long as participants visit the event page of Facebook Fan Page “@tbkcdream” and register their stored-value card number and contact information, they will get one drawing entry each time they take a ride on the city bus using their cards during weekdays, and two drawing entries during weekends. Citizens are welcomed to use buses more to get a chance of winning grand prizes while supporting the charity and giving back to society. For more information about the campaign, please visit the Transportation Bureau’s website or Facebook Fan Page “@tbkcdream,” or call 07-2299803.